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Grantee Feedback

You logged into this section with a general User ID and password. As such, it is an anonymous login. We know that you are an active grantee, but not who you are. If you choose to post a comment in this box, we cannot and will not try to track it back to any organization’s or individual’s identity.

This “Feedback Box” is a tool we hope you will use to help us continue to grow and improve as grantmakers. Please consider using this tool to ask us to post other “Frequently Asked Questions”, provide us feedback on our grantmaking process or our website, or offer your thoughts on any other pertinent topic. You might want to offer us some general advice or use this space to educate us on trends in the field we may not be aware of or that we should be tracking. We also encourage you to use this tool to contact us with any question, concern or comment. If you would like us to contact you regarding your input, please just include your contact information.

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